The Upturnal

by TKO Low Dose

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The 2nd studio album from TKO Low Dose of St. Louis, MO, U City, and Lifted Twisted Pi. Visit and


released May 27, 2015

Special thanks to the homeboy Codeine Cain for starting the fire and keeping it going every single day. TJP, Prolific, and Fable on the Trak for the collaborations. Barney Morgan aka Lil Thee Incredible, Yvonne Berry aka Lil Jazz, A-Game, DJ Lola, all of Frathouse Productions for organizing the SXSW trip, Looprat, Robel Ketema, Josh Kish, Greg Kish, Jackson Davis Kenyon, Mom, Dad, Andrea Richardson, my sisters, my stepbrothers, my stepparents and grandparents, my employers, my baby momma. Fuck it... special thanks to God.



all rights reserved


TKO Low Dose Saint Louis, Missouri

Born 1991, U City Lion, rapper and producer just tryna make this music, get by, get fly, watch my son grow, and enjoy life.

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Track Name: Fuck Tha Police
Mother Fuck The Police (Aint Nobody Puttin Handcuffs on Me)
Fuck The Police Fuck The Police (Might Leave Ya Dead in the Middle of the Street)
Fuck the Police Mother fuck the police (On Wednesday they arrested my friend Codeine)
Fuck The Police I Don't Love the Police (And Untill they put their weapons down, I won't sleep)

This is a message to you bitch ass muh fugghas I know you neva loved us quick to beat us handcuff us if ya see a cash bundle take us to the station put a case on us take payments drug us power unconsented to, beatin up the deaf and mute, tell news cameras what to shoot , plant that evidence, fuck the truth. Modern day Roman soldier would have killed Jesus, prolly bitter cause ya got a lil penis, unchecked evil no judge will believe us yo services aint needed bitch, keep it.

Understand what I mean, when I say FTP
Shit's fucked up, and we cant let it be
They got tanks and they got jeeps
They got banks and we got beef
They'll have to ban me from the planet when they hear the words I speak
If I say anarchy Would ya party with me or pull apart the seams its hard to believe
It seems legit wit a team like this its LTP you know I mean that twisted lifted criminal indignant quick wit witch kids (which kids?) this dick
I dont think that turn up necessarily mean ignant
Its part of the mission to destroy the system
Rebuild from within leave a real legacy
LTP we bout that doubt that I will clear the smoke screen
TJP That's Prolific I'm TKO you know Codeine
We see cops wit da choppas surveillance on top us
Cant afford to sweep the streets now they tryna mop us
Pigs actin pompous, step into my mosh pit
Get a dropkick, from a person who aint got shit

So fuck these police, we don't need police, if it was up to me there wouldn't be police
So Fuck the police, no justice no peace,
Fuck the captain fuck the chief Fuck the whole academy